Executive Officer Press Release

Brothers and friends of Oklahoma DeMolay,

I am truly honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve as Executive Officer of Oklahoma DeMolay. Oklahoma DeMolay has continued to be one of the top jurisdictions in DeMolay International. I plan to have us continue to lead the way for many years to come. We will embrace our traditions at every level, but we will also strive to stretch the boundaries of our potential, and with hard work and dedication grow our organization for all future generations. Change will be inevitable, but it will never be for sake of just change, the Oklahoma DeMolay staff will continue to make our programs the best in the country and give our members the tools, experiences, and memories that will bring only success and fulfillment to their lives. We will strengthen leadership training throughout the year as this is what we promised the parents of our youth when we asked them to join. We will continue to build new chapters and recruit more advisors so that we can reach more young men who wish to experience the greatest youth organization in the world, DeMolay.

There will be many more programs and exciting announcements to come over the next six months. Please continue to go to our new website www.okdemolay.com for all updates and changes, as well as our social media platforms.

In closing, I can’t help but thank a few people for getting me to this extraordinary opportunity to lead Oklahoma DeMolay.

Many thanks to Joe Williams and Curtis Gimlin for being my Executive Officer when I was an active DeMolay. You led a program that gave me many benefits and experiences that help make me the man I am today.

A few brave men that have walked this path with me, helping me become a great DeMolay/Advisor throughout the years. Jim Mckinney, Frank Kell, Ridge Smith, Robert Cook, Brian Pierson, David Epperly, Steve Crane, and many more folks. Thank you so much for your continued guidance and help.

To my wife Angela, without you allowing me to use our time to give to the organization that I love so much, none of this would be possible. I have a feeling I am going to need to ask this of you again, because you know me the best, I never do anything halfway. I love you very much, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To my mentor, friend, and brother Ron Minshall thank you for the many dedicated hours of time you have given to me to help prepare me for this job. I will continue to lean on you for more help and good counsel as I dive into this next phase of my DeMolay career.


Brad J. Northcutt
Executive Officer in Oklahoma
Active Member, DeMolay International

Conclave 2017

Conclave 2017 is fast approaching! It’s going to be an epic weekend celebrating the “Fantastic Brotherhood and Where to Find It” here in Oklahoma DeMolay as this fantastic and prosperous last year culminates into this weekend. The weekend will include events like:

  • Kickball/Basketball Tournaments
  • Election of New State Officers
  • State Induction
  • State Ritual Tournament
  • Chevalier/Legion of Honor Investitures
  • Sweetheart Pageant & State Sweetheart Ball

…. and many more!

You can find all the information on Conclave you need including schedule, registration, and medical release forms HERE!

Get ready for a weekend you’ll never forget! We look forward to seeing you in Stillwater!



Brennan Parken

State Master Councilor 

New Website!

Welcome to the official new website of the Oklahoma DeMolay Association! We are so excited to release our new website. This website has something to offer for everyone, whether you are a member, advisor, parent, or even someone looking for more information! We have it all here, and it’s all for the best youth organization in the world!


Brennan Parken

State Master Councilor