Road to 100 is now available!

Oklahoma DeMolay is proud to announce our newest membership program: Road to 100!

We stand on the brink of achieving an amazing feat of sharing the DeMolay Experience with 100 new young men in just half a year!

Between May 1-July 11 and before Oklahoma DeMolay achieves 100 new members, any chapter that brings in a new member will receive a $100 discount off total Conclave registration for their chapter PER NEW MEMBER!

Don’t wait until Oklahoma DeMolay achieves 101 new members, ACT NOW!

DeMolay/Shriners Partnership

DeMolay and Shriners International have announced an amazing partnership opportunity between both organizations! These organizations make such an impact on our society and develop great leaders, like DeMolay founder Dad Frank Sherman Land and Oklahoma’s own DeMolay International Grand Master Dad Ron Minshall. Check out the live stream below:

Special joint announcement from DeMolay and Shriners International.

Special joint announcement from DeMolay and Shriners International. If you can't hear, click on the video for sound.

Posted by DeMolay International on Monday, January 8, 2018

Program Handbook 2017-2018 Release!

We’re proud to release our new Oklahoma DeMolay Program Handbook, given out at the 2017 State Officer’s reception!

In this handbook, you can find information on all of our annual programs like the Red Jacket Club and Blue Honor Key Retreat!

You can also find important dates over the year for state events.


Check it out by clicking here!

New Chapter in Oklahoma!


We are excited to officially announce that Oklahoma DeMolay is welcoming in a new chapter… Shawnee Chapter of DeMolay!

Last night, Shawnee lodge officially voted to sponsor a DeMolay chapter. We are grateful for this new opportunity and look forward to continue spreading DeMolay throughout Oklahoma!

NEW PMC-MSA program!


This past weekend at Excalibur Chapter’s installation, Executive Officer Dad Brad J. Northcutt and the ODA State Officers announced the new Oklahoma DeMolay Past Master Councilor’s Meritorious Service Award program as they welcomed Br. Andrew Symes of Excalibur as the inaugural PMC-MSA Red Jacket Club member!

Aside from receiving the prestigious PMC-MSA medal, recipients of the PMC-MSA will now also receive the exclusive red jacket to be a part of the club! By wearing the jacket, the PMC-MSA recipient will be eligible to attend an exclusive PMC-MSA luncheon on the last Saturday of every April and also have first in line privileges to eat at state events (after the ladies of course!)

Past recipients can also join the club, but must purchase their red jacket. Click here to be sent to the order page.

As always, you can find the info on this exciting new program on our website here.

“SMC Bugle” – August Edition

Greetings Oklahoma DeMolay!

This is a news series that we are starting known as the “SMC Bugle” (a play off of the Daily Bugle in the Marvel Universe!) Be sure to check it out at the beginning of each month right here on our website.

These past few weeks have been a blast! My officers and I have been putting in hard work since Day 1. All, but 3 chapters have been visited so far, and those 3 will be visited soon! The very first ODA Live Stream was a success, and has shown great potential. During the stream we revealed the new logo, and the theme… Marvel! All four officers attended the Great Plains DeMolay Leadership Conference both in the learning tracks and serving on staff. Three of them attended Arkansas DeMolay’s Conclave as well.

Moving forward, the Main Event Tri-Youth Lock-In is going to be the first big state event of the year. I’m hoping to see as many members and future members there as possible, not only from DeMolay but also our sister organizations. There will be bowling, laser tag, a ropes course, billiards, games, and delicious food! It’s a great opportunity to show the capabilities of how fun DeMolay really is. After the lock-in, be sure to bring those future members to the first state induction of the term on September 16th. My officers and I are looking forward to the rest of the term, and helping to create “Marvelous” heroes in our own chapters!


Matt Gerow
State Master Councilor

ODA Field Representative

A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from your Executive Officer:

Oklahoma DeMolay Family,

I would like to announce that effective August 1st, Brennan Parken will assume responsibilities as Field Representative in Oklahoma DeMolay. He will work part time while attending the University of Oklahoma.

Brennan will be working out of our new DeMolay Office located in Oklahoma City. More information will be forwarded over the next two weeks on the development of the new office.

He will be responsible in short, for the following duties:

1. New Chapter, Advisor, and Member Development

2. Membership Programs

3. Social Media, and Website maintenance

…and more

Stay tuned for more information on this great Oklahoma DeMolay Program.

Please join me in welcoming Brennan to his new position with Oklahoma DeMolay, and a hearty congratulations.


Brad J. Northcutt
Executive Officer in Oklahoma
Active Member, DeMolay International

Conclave 2017 Recap

The 90th Annual Oklahoma DeMolay Conclave is officially in the books!

We want to thank all of our staff, chapters, advisors, and state officers for making the Conclave weekend such a success as we celebrated the “Fantastic Brotherhood and Where to Find It.”

We had a lot of success over the Conclave weekend. We had a very competitive State Ritual tournament, to which we want to thank Ritual Director Dad Robert Cook and his team of judges for running a smooth, successful tournament. We also had a kickball and basketball tournament. Congratulations to Norman Chapter for winning the Kickball tournament, and to Norman and Trinity Chapters for both winning the basketball tournament!

Many awards were given out. We want to congratulate the following:

Advisor of the Year – Dad Bo Ross (Norman)
DeMolay of the Year – Brittan Northcutt (Excalibur)
Rookie of the Year – Landon Parker (Del City)

Ritualist of the Year – Bradley Liles (Myrtle)
Teacher of the Year – Angela Northcutt
L.V. Orton Scholarship Winner – Landry Tucker (Siloam)
Exemplary Chapter – W.O.W. Chapter

We also want to congratulate those who were honored:

Chevalier Recipients:  Christian Burnett (Edmond), Colin McKinney (Excalibur), Brittan Northcutt (Excalibur), Matthew Pool (Highland Park), Landry Tucker (Siloam), Scott Stewart (Stillwater), Sean Stewart (Stillwater), J.D. Baney III (Sunset), Ryan Bernardy (Trinity), John Simpson (Trinity), Dakota Davis (W.O.W.)

Active Legion of Honor Recipients:  Jonathan Cox (Edmond), Dayton Lange (Edmond), Richard Kerr (Sir Galahad), Michael McConnell (Sir Galahad), Richard McConnell (Sir Galahad), Douglas Amyx (Lawton), Jaymie Jordan (Stillwater), Brandon Pierson (Trinity), Patrick Schoyck (Highland Park)

Honorary Legion of Honor Recipients:  Truman Burns (Edmond), Caleb Finch (Edmond), Kenneth Allsen (Excalibur), David Spillers (Excalibur), Jerry Garrett (Highland Park), Kyle Hess (Highland Park), Teddy Renfro (Highland Park), Billy Bowers, Jr. (Sunset), John Church (ODA), William Most (ODA), Bobby Peters (ODA)

Cross of Honor Recipients: Jordan Burton (Highland Park), Brandy Ross (Norman), David Gregg (Norman), Jonathan Todd Ebersole (Sunset), David Yocham (Trinity)

We also want to congratulate our new state leaders. Congratulations to the new state officers:

State Master Councilor – Matthew Gerow (Highland Park)
State Deputy Master Councilor – Brittan Northcutt (Excalibur)
State Senior Councilor – Dakota Davis (W.O.W.)
State Junior Councilor – Brandon Smith (Excalibur)
State Sweetheart – Lydia Robb (Norman)
Miss Conclave – Hannah Parker (Del City)
State Mom and Dad – Mom Brandy Ross (Norman) and Dad Jordan “Tater” Burton (Highland Park)

You can see the new state leaders by clicking here.

Finally, we want to congratulate Dad Ron Minshall on a most excellent tenure as Executive Officer of ODA. Congratulations to the new Executive OfficerDad Brad Northcutt. You can check out his press release by clicking here.

We are so proud of Oklahoma DeMolay, and we look forward to a continued year of growth and prosperity as we uphold “The Tradition of Excellence!”